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If you could meet the Jane Dear girls, what would you say to them?

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on February 26, 2011


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I love you both omg yes

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well hi my name is ray and i really love janedear wild flower well if i could meet dear jane i would like see them and start a friendship and just be friends and talk about different things well that just one of my dreams well i going i just want to be their friend and say how much i really like them and their songs we i gess i ttyl bye

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i already met them! they're fantastic. i was so nervous meeting them, so i just asked a bunch of questions about their relationship as friends and how well they get along. it was really cool getting to know them. they're really sweet people and can write some kick ass songs (:

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i agree with an earlier comment a fan made.....just be yourself......can't wait to see you ladies in hickory nc on sept 5th.....hopefully i can get an autograph and pic with you.....tha'd be you ladies.......later.......

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They are my favorite group, Saturdays in September is my favorite song of theirs, and I love both of them because they are wonderful people too.

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I just grabbed tickets for your show with Josh Thompson. I'm bringing my three year old daughter, who has a great ear for Country music. Any chance there will be a meet and greet there? I know she'd love to say, "Hi" to the girls. Thanks!

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Everyone wants to give them advice, including ME.

But mine is different. 8o)

Dear Susie and Danelle,
Just be yourself. It's WORKIN'.

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Would ask them if my 6 year old son could sing "wildflower" or "sugar" with them. He loves those songs and always sings along when they're on the radio in the car. We'd love to meet JDG at the CMA fest. Really looking forward to see them at LP field. See you soon !

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Since I have tickets to see them perform at an upcoming county fair, I would say:
"I'd like to hold your hand up high on a ferris wheel".

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I actually hope to meet them this Saturday at the WMZQ Fest in Bristow, VA...I've been working on a pencil sketch of S & D and it would be the ICIEST of cool if I could give them the finished product as a gift. They're just the cutest and soooo fun to listen to!

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Going to see them next week in concert with jason aldean it would be nice to meet them in person they both have alot of spunk and energy. I tell them not to change a thing with their style of music and follow their dreams.

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i would ask if i could RoCkOuT with them and sing Sing Along with them, then, i would ask if they would help promote my new country/rock fusion clothing line

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If I meet them on the concert in Zagreb, Croatia, I would probably passed out...

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I would tell them they are the best duo since Brooks and Dunn. Ask them for a photo of me with them, encourage them to not change there style, and keep believing in themselves.

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I would probably be speechless. Depending on where they are at the time I meet them I may just babble

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I'd say how beautiful they are and how swell they sing to my heart :):)